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Bus Rental Dubai




Our Fleet

Private car for 3-5 Pax
Daily: AED 400-850
AED 4900/12000
Driver & fuel included

Minivan 9-13-Pax
Daily: 350-850

AED 4900/ 7500
Driver & fuel included

MiniCoach 16-30Pax
Daily: 450-950

AED 6300/15000
Driver & fuel included

Coaster Bus -14-20 Pax
Daily: AED 500-1100

AED 6300/9500
Driver & fuel included

Tour Bus 35-50Pax
Daily: 650-1400

AED 8400/ 19000
Driver & fuel included

Sprinter 12-18 Pax
Weekly/ Monthly: 

AED 14000/40000
Driver & Fuel included

Our Services


Corporate transportation of teaching, hospital, bank, security, office staff and labor workers



City tour trips become easy with our rental service! We will show best places and give you useful tips



Airport transfer service from all the main airports: Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah



We have a big fleet of busses available for students transfer in different cities!


Our Advantages

Quality and Comfort

We provide high level services to our clients. Customers' comfort and safety are the most important for us!


Our priority is to provide friendly and professional drivers together with vehicles. Just sit, relax and enjoy your ride!

Affordable prices

Our bus rental provides you all of the services on 20% cheaper in comparison with other rentals across Dubai.


We provide all our services 24/7 for our regular customers. You can contact us anytime, if you have a question.






Welcome to FAJR AL NOOR  Bus Rental Dubai: Your Ultimate Group Travel Experience

If you’re planning group travel in the heart of the UAE, Fajr al Noor Bus Rental Dubai is your premier choice. Our fleet of luxurious buses, vans, and coaches guarantees that your journey is not merely a ride but an unforgettable experience. We specialize in a wide range of services, from corporate events and school trips to family excursions and more.


With FAJR AL NOOR, you gain access to:


Luxury Bus Rental Dubai: We offer the finest luxury bus rental Dubai. Our vehicles come equipped with modern amenities, ensuring your comfort throughout the journey.

Reliable Transportation: Choosing us means choosing reliability. We maintain our buses to the highest standards to guarantee your safety.

Affordable Rates: Enjoy the best bus rental services in Dubai without exceeding your budget. Our competitive rates make group travel both economical and convenient.


Flexible Seating: Our diverse fleet can accommodate groups of all sizes. Whether you need a minibus or a spacious coach bus, we’ve got you covered.

Expert Drivers: Our professional drivers aren’t just skilled at navigating Dubai’s bustling streets; they’re also dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

FAJR AL NOOR Bus Rental Dubai has a long history of excellence and is a trusted name in the industry. We pride ourselves on being the top choice for bus rentals in Dubai. Contact us today for a quote and let us be part of your next adventure in this magnificent city.


As your reliable Dubai bus rental company, we offer transportation services that cover a range of needs, from corporate events and group excursions to VIP tours. We’re also your go-to choice for Dubai airport transfers, ensuring a seamless start or end to your journey.

Our luxury coach hire in Dubai is perfect for those seeking a comfortable and stylish travel experience. Whether you’re a tourist exploring the city’s wonders or a local business arranging transportation for an event, we’ve got your needs covered.


When you choose Fajr al Noor Bus Rental Dubai, you choose affordability, luxury, and professionalism. We cater to tourists, corporations, schools, and anyone seeking group transportation in Dubai. Let us make your trip memorable with our VIP bus rental services.

Your journey begins with Fajr al Noor Bus Rental Dubai. Contact us today to book your next adventure and experience the excellence of our services firsthand.


Unveiling a fleet of majestic buses, Coaches, Vans, Taxi Car each designed to redefine grandeur and set new standards of sophistication, we cater to those who demand nothing less than perfection. Whether you seek to embark on a corporate expedition, organize a dazzling event, airport transfers or plan an extravagant excursion, we stand ready to orchestrate your dreams into reality.



Our commitment to excellence extends far beyond plush interiors and sumptuous amenities. With a team of handpicked chauffeurs, (Drivers) well-versed in the art of refined service, we ensure every moment of your voyage is enveloped in sheer indulgence. Your comfort and safety are our foremost priorities, allowing you to bask in the pleasure of the journey while we navigate the roads with utmost expertise.

From the moment you step aboard our royal carriages, you’ll be whisked away into a realm of sophistication, where attention to detail is elevated to an art form. Be it a group of esteemed delegates or a family celebration, every occasion finds its perfect complement in the opulence of our bespoke fleet.



Prepare to be swept off your feet as we unlock a world of unparalleled travel experiences. Whether it’s exploring the vibrant cityscape, venturing into the Dubai desert’s timeless beauty, or venturing into the far reaches of this mesmerizing land, Bus Rental Dubai is your gateway to exclusive escapades.

Indulge in the majesty of the extraordinary. Embrace the allure of Bus Rental Dubai, where every journey is a symphony of luxury and refinement. Your quest for the finest in the realm of transport ends here – welcome aboard, where royalty meets the road.”


Bus Rental Dubai is a leading travel & transport service provider based in Dubai, UAE. With a focus on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Fajr Bus Company offers a wide range of buses and transportation solutions to meet the needs of any group, event, or occasion.

Our fleet of buses includes luxury coaches, minibuses, vans, taxis with drivers, and standard buses, all equipped with modern amenities and comfortable seats to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable ride. Our experienced teams of drivers are trained to provide a safe and reliable service, ensuring you reach your destination on time and in comfort.



Whether you need transportation for a corporate event, school trip, wedding, or any other occasion, Fajr Rental Buses Dubai has the right Rentals vehicles and expertise to meet your needs. We also offer customized tour and transport packages to suit your specific needs and budget, making them an ideal choice for any group transport needs in Dubai and beyond.



At, BUS RENTAL DUBAI, where exceptional experiences await your customers and guests. Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer an extensive selection of buses and coaches for rent, ensuring you find the perfect transportation for any occasion.

From minibuses and vans to spacious coaches and buses, we present a diverse array of vehicles available for hire. Moreover, for those seeking personalized service, we provide the option to rent vehicles with professional drivers, catering to your specific needs. Whether it’s private tours, airport transfers, or accommodating business travelers, we have the ideal solution to meet your requirements.



What is the most common question we get from our customers is


  • How much does it cost to rent a small bus in Dubai?
    The cost of renting a small bus in Dubai varies depending on factors such as the size of the bus, duration of rental, and additional amenities. At FAJR AL NOOR bus rental Dubai, prices for small bus rentals typically start from AED XXX per day.


  • Where can I find affordable party bus rentals in Dubai?
    FAJR AL NOOR bus rental Dubai offers affordable party bus rentals in Dubai. Our fleet includes a variety of party buses equipped with entertainment systems and comfortable seating, ensuring an enjoyable experience for you and your guests at a competitive price.


  • Can I rent a bus with a toilet in Dubai?
    Yes, FAJR AL NOOR bus rental Dubai offers buses with onboard toilets for added convenience during longer journeys. Contact us to inquire about the availability of buses with toilet facilities for your rental needs.


  • Do bus rental companies in Dubai offer child seats?
    Yes, FAJR AL NOOR bus rental Dubai provides child seats upon request for the safety and comfort of young passengers. Let us know your requirements when booking your bus rental, and we will ensure that child seats are provided accordingly.


  • What are the best bus rental companies for sightseeing in Dubai?
    FAJR AL NOOR bus rental Dubai is one of the best bus rental companies for sightseeing in Dubai. Our experienced drivers and well-maintained buses ensure a comfortable and enjoyable sightseeing experience, allowing you to explore Dubai’s iconic landmarks and attractions with ease.


  • How far in advance do I need to book a bus rental in Dubai?
    It is recommended to book your bus rental in Dubai as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred vehicle and ensure availability, especially during peak seasons or for special events. Contact FAJR AL NOOR bus rental Dubai to inquire about booking timelines for your specific needs.


  • What documents do I need to rent a bus in Dubai?
    To rent a bus in Dubai, you will typically need to provide a valid driver’s license, passport or Emirates ID, and a valid credit card for payment and security deposit purposes. Additional documentation may be required depending on the rental company’s policies.


  • Can I customize the interior of a rented bus in Dubai?
    Yes, FAJR AL NOOR bus rental Dubai offers customization options for the interior of rented buses, allowing you to personalize your travel experience according to your preferences. Contact us to discuss your customization requirements and options available.


  • What are the cancellation policies for bus rentals in Dubai?
    The cancellation policies for bus rentals in Dubai may vary depending on the rental company and the terms of your booking. FAJR AL NOOR bus rental Dubai has flexible cancellation policies, but it is recommended to review the terms and conditions outlined in your rental agreement for specific details regarding cancellations and refunds.
  • What is the average cost of a bus rental in Dubai?

Rental prices for buses in Dubai vary depending on the length of your journey and the type of bus you are renting. Mini-buses can cost between AED 400-900, while luxury coaches and vans cost between AED 550-1500 per 10 hours. The exact pricing and payment options can be discussed with the bus rental company in UAE.


  • How can I travel in bus in Dubai as a tourist?

As a tourist in Dubai, you can easily travel by the city’s public bus service using a Nol Card for convenience and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, you can also opt for private bus services offered by various operators for customized tours, group excursions, and private transportation needs. Both options provide excellent ways to explore the city’s attractions and landmarks during your visit.




Luxury Bus Rental Dubai



These are a leading and reputable bus rental company in Dubai, known for providing top-notch services, a diverse fleet of luxury buses, and excellent customer satisfaction. Fajr Rent a Bus is a preferred choice for tourists, organizations, and individuals seeking reliable and comfortable transportation solutions in Dubai.


Bus Rental Dubai is a premier provider of private chauffeur tour and travel services in the bustling city of Dubai. We specialize in providing top-quality bus rental services to tourists, businesses, and local residents who want to explore the city in comfort and style. Our fleet of luxury buses and coaches is well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our clients.




Our private chauffeur tour and travel service are designed to provide you with a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience. Our professional and courteous chauffeurs are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the city’s top tourist destinations and can guide you through your journey with ease. We also provide flexible pickup and drop-off options to ensure that your travel plans are seamless and stress-free.


Fajr is a well-known bus rental company in Dubai, offering high-quality transportation services to both leisure and corporate clients in 2023. With a fleet of modern and well-maintained buses, Fajr is committed to providing its customers with safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation. 


One of the key features of bus rental in Dubai is the range of options available. The company offers a variety of bus sizes, from mini-vans to full-sized coaches, to accommodate groups of all sizes. Each bus is equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning, comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and audio-visual equipment. Additionally, the company’s team of experienced drivers and support staff ensure that each journey is smooth, safe, and enjoyable.



Another advantage of choosing bus rental in Dubai is the flexibility it offers. The company can customize its services to meet the specific needs of each client, whether it’s for a day trip, a city tour, or a multi-day excursion. They offer pick-up and drop-off services at any location within Dubai, making it a convenient option for travelers.

In terms of cost, bus rental in Dubai is competitively priced, offering affordable transportation solutions for groups of all sizes. The company is committed to providing its customers with high-quality services at a reasonable cost, making it a budget-friendly choice for group travel.



Overall, bus rental in Dubai is a reliable and convenient transportation option for groups in 2023. With its fleet of modern buses, experienced staff, and customizable services, Fajr is committed to providing its customers with enjoyable and stress-free travel. experience.


Fajr is the premier bus rental Dubai service provider, We can help you with all types of vehicles, no matter where in the UAE they are located. We provide transportation for all kinds of events and celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, and graduations, Educational school field trips. Our fleet includes Big Coaches Small buses, Minivans, and even limos! so that you can focus on celebrating the coming year instead of worrying about how you’re going to get there.

Our vehicles are clean and well-maintained so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about any issues.
We’ll take care of everything from booking to pick up/drop off times so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy your event.



If you are looking for a coach or bus for your next trip, Bus Rental Dubai is your best choice. From luxury long-distance buses to minibuses, there’s something for every group. Our fleet includes passenger Cars, Vans, coaches, and shuttle buses.

If you’re planning a corporate event, a Travel vacation with your family, or a school trip, we offer high-quality tourist transportation at competitive prices. We are one of the leading bus companies in Dubai that offers reliable Quality services at Low rates. Our clientele includes individuals, groups, corporate clients, and travel agents.



Dubai to Abu Dhabi Bus

Bus Rental Dubai is a well-established transportation company in Dubai, offering a variety of services for travelers looking to travel between Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. The company offers reliable and comfortable transportation options, including buses, to cater to a diverse range of travel needs.




Fajr- One of the best Bus Rental Companies in Dubai

Fajr would like to welcome you to the world of Tourist transportation! When it comes to bus rental, we believe in providing the best possible service to your needs. With our extensive fleet of over 150, buses, minivans, and other vehicles, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s why R-R Bus will take care of you and your family group whenever transportation is needed, with special prices offered for large groups, Our goal is to make your travel as comfortable as possible, regardless of your destination or the reason for your travel.


We are your private driver, tour guide, and transportation facilitator all in one. With a fleet of vehicles ranging from luxury coaches to minivans, we can cater to any size group traveling to any destination in the UAE. Our drivers are trained specialists with years of experience in all areas of transportation including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses, shuttles, and vans. All our drivers have been background checked as per U.A.E. Department of Transportation guidelines.






When it comes to bus rental services, we know you want the best. That’s why we provide a wide range of options for all your transportation needs.

From minivans Cars to luxury buses, from long-distance buses with drivers to limousine party buses, we own over 150 different models of vehicles and professional chauffeurs who can accommodate any situation. Our fleet is ready to take you wherever you need to go—from airport transfers to special events, business meetings, or social occasions, Events, and Tours.



Our vehicles are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On an Hourly Daily weekly and Monthly Basis, leases are available. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and a memorable experience for every customer. We take great pride in our fleet of vehicles, which is always kept in top condition. Our drivers are professionals with many years of experience behind the wheel and are committed to getting you where you need to go safely, quickly, and comfortably. Our fleet of vehicles includes Luxury Taxi Cars, Vans  Mini-buses, mini-vans  Motor coaches,





Get the Best Bus Rental Service in Town with Fajr Transport.

Our company provides a wide variety of transportation services for groups and individuals. We are proud to offer the most affordable rates in the industry, with our luxury limousines buses starting at just $49 per hour.


We offer all kinds of packaging services, including city tours and temple tours. If you’d like to go on a beach tour or wildlife visit/desert safari, we can help with that too! Our services include airport transfers, private tours and excursions, day trips, and more. We can also help you plan your itinerary for your trip to the United Arab Emirates. Our travel agency provides a wide range of transportation services from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and all over the UAE.


Why Choose R.R Rent a Bus Company

We are the only Bus company where you can find the luxury of Executive, standard, and Premium Buses. At Fajr Bus Company Dubai, we believe that traveling is a special experience. We want to make sure your trip is smooth and safe, so you can focus on the experience of being in a new place. That’s why we offer one of the most reliable services around.


We have a fleet of luxury buses in Dubai that will take you to all the best spots in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. in UAE, You’ll feel like royalty! Our staff will make sure you get there safely and comfortably every time.

We can also help with larger groups—we can accommodate large groups of up to 1000 passengers at a time on our Luxury Tourist buses! And if you need help planning out your itinerary for a day or weekend trip, we’re happy to help you out with that too.

Whether it’s just a few friends going out for the night or an entire family spending time together, Fajr wants to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!




Experience the Ride of Royalty with Bus Rental Dubai

We’re not just any other bus company in Dubai! Unlike most transportation providers in the area that have inflexible policies and unnecessary price markups, we give you excellent service at low rates with no strings attached.



Our Range Of Buses And Vehicles

Fajr is a bus charter company that strives to provide the best experience with luxury bus service. With over 150 luxury buses, Coaches, Vans, and Cars. Fajr Dubai Bus Rental is a quality coach specialist operator for events, road trips, bus tours, and school groups. with Years of experience in the market give us a competitive edge in offering local and long-distance travel. As a result, the company offers a high degree of flexibility and can successfully move passengers from one location to another.



Our fleet includes:

1) Luxury Coaches: These are the most popular vehicles for chartering because of their capacity to accommodate more people than other types of buses. The main advantage of these coaches is their comfortable seats which allow for an enjoyable ride.

2) Mini Buses: These mini buses are ideal for those who want to travel in a group but do not want to take up too much space on board the vehicle. They are also perfect for those who have limited luggage or prefer having more legroom while traveling by bus instead of Taxis or train


At Fajr Taxi Bus Company, we know that the best way to get where you’re going is in a comfortable and spacious ride. That’s why we offer a fleet of minivans and minibusses designed to transport small groups, and our big luxury shuttle buses and coaches are designed for large parties such as major events such as group movements of passengers at wedding receptions.

Our drivers are professional people who know the streets of the city and can take you where you need to go. They will be happy to provide recommendations or directions if needed, but they won’t lead the conversation—we leave that up to you!




Benefits Of Our Hiring Bus Services

Bus Rental Dubai is here to help you get where you need to go, whether it’s for a special occasion or just everyday life. We offer private Bus transportation options that are perfect for any occasion.

We believe in providing our clients with the best possible service for their money, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure your travel is safe and comfortable.


With Bus Rental in Dubai, you’ll never have to worry about transportation again. Our services are affordable, convenient, and reliable. We can arrange private transportation for special occasions. Other Benefits of Our Hiring Bus Services you can enjoy include:

Travel & Transport Safety

-Travel & Transport safely and comfortably to reduce the fatigue of your trip and avoid unnecessary accidents.

-We have a variety of buses, including minibus, midibus, and coach buses. We offer a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs for group or solo travel.

-Our vehicles are carefully maintained by our team of mechanics, who ensure that they are always in pristine condition for your journey with us.

-If you wish to hire a specific vehicle from our fleet, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We understand that every customer has different needs and expectations, so we promise to ensure that your journey is smooth, comfortable, and safe. If you need any information about bus timetables or car rental in Dubai, our staff will always be happy to help. Our bus rental service covers all areas of the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, UAQ, Fujairah, and RAK.


We have a large fleet of buses and vans, from mini 15-seaters to big 50-seaters. Our fleet includes comfortable and spacious executive luxury VIP buses, minibusses, and personalized car Vans rentals with drivers in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. All fleets are air-conditioned and 100% non-smoking. The Bus Rental Service in the United Arab Emirates is the perfect option for short-term or long-term rental needs of guests and delegates tourists, visitors or Events Transportation.



Once You’ve Booked Buses With Us


When you book Rent a bus with us, you can rest assured that your trip will go smoothly. You deserve the best, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with RR Dubai Passengers Transportations. We won’t keep you waiting—our rental bus drivers and tour guides will take care of you from your arrival until your departure. Our conductors speak English and Arabic, so no matter what language you speak, we can help you out. And when it comes to our customers, we always put their experience first. So get your Dubai online bus rental service today and get ready for an unforgettable trip!




If you looking for a new tour operator in Dubai

We’re here for you! At Fajr we’re dedicated to providing high-quality tours, travel packages, and other services at affordable prices. We’ve been providing our customers with the best possible service since 2016, and we’re ready to help you plan your next trip!

Whether you want a desert safari or a day trip through the city of Dubai, we can help. Our group tours cover all the sights in town while our day trips are perfect if you just want to hang out by the beach. We also provide comprehensive tour packages that cover everything from transportation to hotels and food—and everything in between. If you’re looking for an experienced tour operator in the United Arab Emirates, look no further than us!



Fajr: Rent a Bus is the largest online bus booking service provider in Dubai. You can always get the full bus booking price online and book your next dream excursion without worrying about last-minute or last-minute issues. Our team of highly trained experts will help you find the right bus for your group, whether it’s a school trip, corporate event, or just a fun day out with friends or family. We offer great rates on all our buses and we have a wide range of vehicles available.


Fajr Van Rental with Driver Dubai Service-Ensure that all customers receive the best ( Alquiler de minibus ) service, that we provide a variety of transportation options to suit your needs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service at the fairest and most reasonable price. Our vans, luxury buses, and minibusses are unbeatable in terms of price and quality.






Privet Luxury Travel Bus Rentals For Dubai Airport Transfers

Bus Rental Dubai is a Dubai-based Passenger Transportation company, we provide luxury Tourist transport services throughout UAE. Served over 5000 customers with safe and reliable services since 2010, when it comes to bus rental and tour buses & vans in Dubai, our bus hire is one of the top Rent Car in Dubai! We would be delighted to serve your transportation needs, whether you are an individual looking for one of our spacious Micro MPVs or a large corporate organization requiring coaches, Taxi minivans or minibusses for Dubai airport transfer, or Group tours & Travel.


FAJR Taxi Bus-Coach Rentals Dubai is a fully accredited company managed and operated by well-trained Staff and Drivers, we always provide the best services to our customers all over UAE, and Dubai! Our aim is to provide reliable and efficient services for all kinds of Transportation services with our luxury Buses, Mini Bus coasters with Saloon Cars.

We are specialized in providing transportation services for all kinds of events like Exhibition Stand Dubai Management Company, Wedding Services, Picnic Groups, School Transport, Taxi Car Airport Pickup & Drop Offs, VIP transportation services, Corporate Transportation, City tours, Desert Safari Tours as well as trips to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, Ajman, and all our UAE

We are proud to offer you the best quality vehicles at very affordable prices. You can relax while we take care of everything else. You can hire us according to your requirements ranging from small vans to large buses or any other type of vehicle you need for your event management or transportation needs. We have enough experience in this field so that we can provide you with the best service at


Our buses are perfect for your private event, corporate coach charter for events, or even a family vacation. We offer standard Small Shuttle buses, luxury Motor Coaches, and super luxury Large buses. Our fleet includes Mercedes Benz adventure Sprinter vans for field trips in UAE

We have been providing charter bus rentals in Dubai since 2010. We have satisfied customers all over the world including China, Europe, Australia, Africa, and South America. We have many repeat customers that come back year after year because of our great service and quality transportation. Our goal is to make sure every customer has a great experience with us.





The Fajr Main headquarters is located in Dubai Marina, and we serve the entire United Arab Emirates region. Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAQ, RAK, and Fujairah. we Have one mission: to offer the highest level of customer service in the Tourist transportation industry by offering high-quality tour luxury buses at competitive prices and on-time performance.

We are proud to be able to provide our customers with an unparalleled level of Bus service for their transportation needs. We have built an international reputation for our commitment to quality and professionalism, which is why we are able to serve clients from all over the world who demand excellence. When you choose RR Bus Rental Dubai as your Events transportation provider, you can rest assured that your trip will be safe and enjoyable from start to finish.



Our 50-seater luxury bus rental Dubai services offer for all sectors of the community. Dubai Airport Transfer, Wedding, Event Transport, Bus Club, Corporate Van, Driver Minibus, School, Sporting Events, Social Events, Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi Bus Rental Bus, and Coach Rental Services UAE, Our Bus rental Dubai organization offers its clients the best solutions in order to adapt the people movement in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates.


At Coach Van and Bus Taxi Car Rentals, we’ve been innovators in the charter and bus rental industry since 2010, dedicating our efforts to providing effective and efficient group travel solutions anywhere in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, UAE. We are a family business that excels at making your dreams a reality at affordable per KM rates.


Whether you are headed to a business meeting, a family outing, organizing an excursion, or having a party with friends, we are here to make your trip more enjoyable and hassle-free. With over 10 years of experience in the field of coach rentals and bus rentals in Dubai and UAE, we can tailor our services according to your needs.


We offer first-class service to the cheapest long-distance buses and minibusses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art technology will make your trip more affordable and will continue to satisfy you with the great service we must offer. One of our best is the all-inclusive driver service from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. & Bus Hire Sharjah All you have to do is call us and we will be with you in 20 minutes to 1 hour.

We always guarantee the standard service that is popular with our customers. From the first call to the bus booking date, our experts will ensure everything goes well. Finally, a comfortable, responsive, unique, and friendly customer service team is waiting for you at your destination.


We can help you book big and small transportation in Dubai and offer car rental, bus rental, and travel at an easy and affordable price. Whenever you want to travel to our beautiful city, the deserts of the southeast, or the ski trips of the north.



Whether you need to transport a large number of people to a rugby stadium or get your clients to their destination in time for a car race, we provide transportation services for all events. We take care of everything! With over 200 vehicles and a dedicated team of employees, you can attend any event.


Our shuttle buses are ideal for event transportation. They are spacious and comfortable, with a variety of amenities to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, a family reunion, or a corporate retreat, we have the perfect solution for your transportation needs. Our shuttle buses are ideal for event transportation.

They’re spacious enough to accommodate all of your guests and their luggage, with roomy seating in the back so everyone can make friends along the way. If you’re traveling to a new place, our drivers will be happy to give you tips on what to see and do while you’re there—they’ve been everywhere!



Let Fajr Make Your Journey Enjoyable and Stress-Free

Looking for a group transportation company in Dubai? If yes, stop searching and contact us now. Enjoy a trip to Abu Dhabi with the affordable Bur Dubai Bus Rental. We offer you some of the best deals. A wide range of buses covers almost all areas of the UAE. Shuttle buses, coaches, minivan rentals with drivers, and the largest fleet of large coaches feature efficient interiors with luxurious VVIP seats.

Our largest fleet of shuttle buses, coaches, and minivan rentals with Driver,s and full-size coach buses have efficient interiors with VVIP luxury seating. our fleet ranges from 7, 9, 10 seaters 12 seaters 13,14,15 seater minivans 20, 22, 24,26,30 seater coasters We also provide luxury tourist buses 33 seaters 35 seats, 37 seats 45 seats 50 seats and 51, 53 passengers group transportation buses in affordable rates. Our service includes to & from pick up at all major UAE cities like Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi., Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm Al-Qaiwain, and the other Emirates of UAE


Our company offers a benefit to group travelers by arranging their entire tour. This can be headed by corporate firms to get their employees involved in some kind of team-building activity. Schools or simply family celebrations can go for the same bus rental in UAE. we specialize in airport transfers, Group Transfers, Event Transport, Corporate trips, sightseeing, nightclubs, Dubai city tour package, and many more. Book a bus right here and make your tour an experience to remember! mоtоr соасh hires


Our goal is to provide reliable and affordable institutional transportation services based on your needs and budget. We understand that student budgets are limited and strive to ensure that we get the best deals available on school, institute, and university transportation.





Whether you’re traveling with a Big group of friends or just looking for a nice way to get around town, we’ve got you covered.

We at Fajr Luxury Tourist Bus Rental are a leading provider of luxury passenger transportation services in the United Arab Emirates and operate 24/7. We make it easy to book your transportation needs in advance, so you can rest assured that your guests have the most convenient and luxurious transportation while traveling in Dubai.

With us, you’ll never have to worry about having the right number of drivers or buses on hand—we’ve got everything from shuttles to limousines, minivans to motor coaches, and even Luxury Tourist buses that hold up to 48 people! Our drivers are all English-speaking, licensed professionals who will get your group where they need to go safely and on time.


Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, co-workers, or business associates, we have a vehicle that will meet all your needs. Whether you need luxury Tourist Buses, Motor Coaches, Minivans, air-conditioned minibusses or standard sedan Private taxis, we can accommodate you. We offer everything from pick-up services at Dubai Airport to private buses for corporate events. Afternoon tours or beach excursions, You just name it! Our friendly staff is ready to help you plan the perfect trip for your group.

We also provide hotel pick-up services at Dubai Airport and private bus services for those staying at resorts or hotels in the area. If you need transportation to local attractions like museums and shopping centers or even just a ride to the beach or restaurant after work—we can help!




Get Ready for a Comfortable and Efficient Ride with Fajr

We Offer luxurious city tourist Bus services for all visitors to Dubai, you can enjoy a unique tour experience at top tourist destinations, such as Dubai Creek and Gold Souk. visiting Jumeirah Mosque and Dubai Spicy Souq, Naif Souk, Deira Palace, Madinat Jumeirah, Burl Khalifa, Burj al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Al Mankhool, Al Mamzar, Al Rigga, Al Wasl, Emirates Hill First, Mirdif, Nad Al Hammar, Umm Ramool, Bur Dubai, Trade Centre 1, etc. Bur Dubai, Deira Dubay, Al Nahda, al tawar, international city, al jadaf, downtown dubai,


Dubai City Sightseeing has one of the most unforgettable tours in UAE. Book a Dubai tour today and experience the beauty of Dubai by motor coach through the most picturesque areas. Sit back and relax as your expert guide shares their knowledge about Dubai’s rich history, its diverse culture, and stunning architecture during your 5 & 10-hour tour.


Executive Coach Buses in Dubai for Privet Party’s 

Whether you’re taking a luxury tour or meeting with your colleagues, executive coaches in Dubai bring together the comfort of business and a memorable journey at a very low cost. with an extremely wide selection of vehicles available at your disposal. For any size group or special occasion, we are Understanding the importance of comfort during travel, the Privet Party bus service providers have designed executive coaches to give you an enjoyable journey. These executive buses are spacious enough to accommodate your loved ones or colleagues. In addition to their unmatched comfort, these executive bus services in Dubai will also offer you privacy and security while on board. 


We offer inbound tours and transportation in UAE. We take care of your luggage, hotel stay, and any transfers you need to make during the trip. This way you will have more time to enjoy and explore new places. We’re specialized in transporting large groups of people for both business and leisure purposes.





WE RR Bus Rental Dubai – The Best Tour Big Bus Rental company in Dubai.  We at Fajr provide luxury van rental, minibus rental, party bus services, airport transfers, school trip tours, and corporate events. reunions for different occasions. Our buses are comfortable, luxurious, and fully air-conditioned. We have more than 100 big luxury buses, mini-vans, and coaches in our fleet. We also provide an instant booking facility to our customers without prior registration


At We R-R Dubai Rentals Buses, We focus on making your journey with us a thrill. Our aim is to be the best bus rental in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and the surroundings. Our fleet consists of Taxi cars, minivans, coach buses, minibusses, and VIP buses for rent. We serve all our prestigious customers with nothing less than the highest quality of service and comfort. Built for luxury yet still affordable for any budget.


Fajr is one of the leading Bus Coach rental providers in UAE. We specialize in offering Professional Class Busses and Coaches on daily basis at very cheap rates. The list of services: • Airport Transfer • Corporate Transportation, Staff Transport • Events & Conventions • Meetings & Incentives • Theme Parks • School Trips • Day Tours & Safaris • Solo Night Tours • exhibition travel groups, Leisure groups, Transport for group travelers organizers, Travel Agents & Groups We provide a large fleet of modern vehicles at your disposal. Choose the one that best suits your group size and travel needs, in Dubai, Sharjah, RAK, or Abu Dhabi.


Whether you are a group of Family, friends, or colleagues or coming to Dubai for a vacation or on an official visit, we provide Charter Buses for Rent, City Tour Buses for Rent in UAE, Minibus Rentals in Dubai, Minibus for Rent in Sharjah, Minibus For Rent in Abu Dhabi. With our luxurious minibusses that can take you up to 40 passengers. Our bus rental is Dubai’s top-rated bus rental which offers its services in the charter industry since 2010. Our service includes chartered buses for various excursions for Schools, Colleges, universities, clubs, and corporate firms along with VIP guests and tourists.


We are the largest vehicle rental agency in Dubai and our vehicle collection is distributed across all parts of the city. We have vehicles for almost any purpose and you can choose from a variety of makes, models, and colors to find the best vehicle that suits your needs.


RR Vehicle Rental with Driver Dubai is one of the most reliable car rental companies in Dubai. We are here to make your holiday hassle-free and memorable. Our quality of service and range of vehicles makes us a favorite choice among tourists who intend to travel around the city. We provide all types of cars depending on the duration you have planned for your trip and your requirements)


We are here to help you with Van renting with Driver service, we also provide you with drivers and all kinds of buses, Our team can arrange rentals anywhere in UAE. Our friendly staff will assist you with any kind of transportation need.


RR Rent a Limo Bus Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ most trusted and professional car rental company. Licensed to operate private minibusses, minivans, Privet Taxi cars, and transportation fleets in the UAE, we can offer you a range of vehicle choices at competitive prices. Our limousine and party bus services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with more than 100 safe and reliable drivers on call. Our services include airport transfers, business trips, and meetings, commuting fares to and from resorts, as well as all other occasions when you need safe transportation in an appropriate vehicle.


We pride ourselves in providing top-quality Dubai bus rentals, coaches, and minibus transfers! Our fleet of buses and minibusses coaches Taxi van is always neat, clean, and well maintained Ensuring you comfortable travel around Dubai. Tour and safari services have been tailored


We have a huge range of Bus Rental Dubai Services for All occasions and Events like Birthday parties & Family cruises, Long Distance tours, Airport Transfers in Dubai, day Trips to Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, and Desert Safari tours.





We believe that only the highest quality Rentals buses and services are acceptable. You will receive quality Passengers Transport service, great value, safe, modern, and reliable buses with experienced drivers to serve you. We offer a top-quality coach hire service including daily/ weekly and monthly charters of luxury coaches (from 7 seaters to 50 seaters) to corporate meetings and events in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and all around the UAE. We are offering school buses and minivans with large luggage space to accommodate large to small groups of people with baggage. We at dubai bus rental & coach charter, always aim to provide the best services in dubai and all over UAE




Bus Rental Rates – Cost of Daily Bus Rental Fares

Rates of Rent of Bus Is Changing Rapidly In Dubai Market. A Bus Rental Company Can’t Guarantee the Fares of the Bus For a Specific Period. They are Moving With the Changes in The Market Demand, So We Try Our Best To Manage The Renting Cost and Provide You Affordable Prices Even If It’s After Your Booking Or During Your Journey

Our Luxury Tour Bus Rental Abu Dhabi Service 

At Abu Dhabi Luxury Tour Bus Rental, we specialize in giving you the luxury vans, coaches, buses, and cars you’re looking for. Hire Abu Dhabi Rent a bus now and find out why our customers keep coming back again and again.





Let us take care of all your tour Group and passenger transport needs. Once you reserve your bus, you don’t have to worry about anything else. We won’t leave you biting your nails and hoping that the cheap bus rental shows up.

In most cases, all the good buses are booked up at the real price. So save our number at +971554519169 and we can help you out when you need it. We don’t compromise on price or quality of service or safety.


We believe that travel should be exciting, not stressful. That’s why we never compromise on price or quality—or safety. We’ll take care of all the details, so you can sit back and enjoy your ride!

Our motto is (“You ) clients come first!” which means we put our customers’ needs at the forefront of all our services.


We care. We know you want to go places, but we also know you want to be able to get there comfortably and safely. That’s why the best Dubai City Tour deal you’ll ever get includes us—not just our services, but our commitment to you.

24/7, we’re here for you. Whether it’s a question about availability or a request for assistance with booking, or anything else, we’re never far away. Call us at +971554519169 or message us on the What’s App Helpline: +971554519169



Luxury City Sightseeing Bus Dubai Coaches Rentals

Luxury tourist city sightseeing bus Dubai is a safe and comfortable way to find out more about Dubai and its landmarks. If you are on holiday and looking for an activity, why not take a luxury tourist bus tour? Many tourists take advantage of the complete tour package that provides convenience, comfort, safety, and security.


Events transportation services Dubai 2022

Good transportation services make a big difference RR Bus Rental Dubai is a top-rated leader in event transportation Services management. We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and are happy to arrange transfers from Dubai Airport to your hotel and venue or get guests from their hotels to the airport for departure. Our fleet consists of the newest luxury coaches, buses, and limousines, ensuring that you travel in absolute comfort and style! book your Privet chauffeur, Transport for family weddings, airport pickup and drop off, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, and day tours.


Dubai bus Rental services are an efficient, convenient, and cost-effective way to travel between Dubai and other emirates in UAE. With the increase in traffic on roads, as well as long journey times, Dubay bus services have become a better option for locals and tourists from Dubai to Sharjah, Ajman, UAQ, Ras Al Khaimah and Khorfakkan, Fujairah.


Fleet with Rates

We’re proud as one of the best-registered bus rental companies in Dubai to offer you a wide range of fleets including Yutong, Higher Foton 53,51,50-seaters luxury Coaches, Kinglong 45,37,35-seaters luxury buses, 33,34-seaters Rosa, coaster 24,26-seaters, 30-seaters Coaster, 25-seaters Buses, 13,14-15-seater High-roof Minibuses, 12-seater Taxi Van Cars, and 7 seaters sedan cars.  We also provide a diverse fleet of 5 – 7 seater SUVs, 5 – 7 seaters sedans, and 12 – 15 seaters Hiace. We also offer Taxi Minivans and Luxurious Motor-coaches You’ll find our rates to be the most reasonable in Dubai. 

Our Fleet Can be Used for

Our Fleet Use: Privet car Hire with Driver, chauffeur, drivers, Tourism, Tourist, City Tour, Wedding Party, Event Transportation, Hotel & Airports Transfers Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Family Friends, Group Sight-seeing, Staff Transport, Schools, Collages, Students Pick and Drop, in UAE are some of the most demanded services offered by Bus Rental Dubai



Type of Small Cars Rates


If You’re Looking for a great way to explore the city with your friends and family? Our small car fleet is perfect for you. These cars are clean, new, and equipped with a friendly and professional driver. They can be rented by the hour, day or week, or month depending on how long you’d like to explore the city.

We have 7-seater, 8-seater, and 9-10 seated cars available for you to rent with driver service. The 7-seater is ideal for groups of 2-3 people who want to take in the sights but don’t want to be crowded. The 8-seater is great for groups of 4-5 people who want to enjoy some personal space as well as sightseeing. The 9-seat car is ideal for groups of 6 people or more who want a little extra room for luggage etc. The 10-Seater car is the perfect solution for a group of 7 family members and  Friends



Type of Mini Van Rates


We offer a variety of vehicles that can accommodate from 12 to 19 passengers. These vehicles are perfect for large parties, corporate events, and family reunions. You can even rent a bigger vehicle if you’re looking to bring along just a few more people.

The 12-13 seater vehicle is ideal for groups of 8-9 people who want to take in the sights and enjoy a little extra room. It’s also perfect for families with children or those who are traveling with their pets.

The 14-15 seater Van is The perfect choice for groups of 8-9 people with their belongings. Gather your friends, family, or coworkers, and head out to the great outdoors! This little beauty can hold up to 10 passengers and all their gear, so you’ll be able to bring everything you need for a fun trip without worrying about whether or not it’ll fit in your vehicle.


The 16-17 seater Luxury minivans are ideal for group travel and tours. They can carry up to 13 people at a time, which makes it safer and more convenient for your group Trip. This is slightly expensive compared to other vehicles on our website but, we believe in giving you the best quality VIP service and experience.


The 18-19 seater Sprinter Vans can accommodate up to 15-PAX: If you are hosting an off-site event, a day at the beach, or just want to load up your friends and head up to the mountains. This Van is perfect for both the short trip from downtown to a bush party or across town for dinner at your friends’ place



  • The cost of renting a bus in Dubai depends on a variety of factors. Here are some examples:
  • -The size of the bus you want to rent
  • -The location from which you’d like to pick up your bus
  • -How many people will be riding on the bus (the more people, the higher the price)
  • -How long you’ll need to rent it for (the longer you need it, the less expensive it will be)




Semi Coaches Rental Abu Dhabi

When a 15-seat bus just won’t do, and a 30-seater is overkill, we offer semi-coaches to suit your transportation needs. These mini buses have seating for 26 passengers and are ideal for transporting larger groups or those who need more legroom. Mini Coaches: When traditional full-size coaches aren’t available or practical, our mini coaches are an excellent alternative that seats 33 comfortably and securely. Know More  

Book our 10-seater car for your city tour and make the most of your tour with family or friends. You can book it to visit Dubai’s famous landmarks like Emirates Palace, Burj Khalifa Tower, and Burj Al Arab Hotel. Also, check out Platinum Heritage Park as well as Jumeirah Mosque which is too close to the hotel.



Our Cancellation policy

We understand that sometimes, you just need to cancel a mission. We also know that it’s not always possible to give us as much notice as you’d like. That’s why our cancellation policy is designed to help you out when the unexpected happens!

We charge a fee based on how much notice we receive of your cancellation:

-At least 48 hours before departure time: 0% of the confirmed price

-24-48 hours before departure time: 50% of the confirmed price

-0-24 hours before departure time: 100% of the confirmed price




These are the rules that you must follow on our bus:


Dear Traveler passengers,

Thank you for choosing our bus service. We are very happy to help you on your way.

We kindly request you comply with the following rules on board. These are the rules that you must follow on our bus:

In order to ensure that everyone has a safe, comfortable ride, we ask that you adhere to the following rules of procedure:

  • 1. Food and drink are not permitted onboard the bus. Please refrain from eating or drinking while on board our vehicle.
  • 2. Music is allowed onboard the bus but must be played at a reasonable volume so as not to interfere with other passengers’ enjoyment of the journey. If you are playing music and another passenger asks you to turn it down or off, please do so immediately.
  • 3. All passengers must remain seated throughout their journey and be secured by seatbelts or child seats if applicable. We also ask that any small children remain seated at all times under adult supervision until they have reached their destination safely at their final stop.
  • 4- Smoking is not permitted on the bus. You can smoke in designated areas only.
  • 5- Luggage that may be brought on board must be stored in a safe manner (on hat racks or under the seat in front).
  • 6- Toilet visits are permitted if necessary. If you need to use the toilet, we recommend that you inform our driver beforehand so that he can help you with this.
  • 7- Travelers themselves are responsible for their luggage and valuables. Have you forgotten something? Contact us by e-mail at info@busrentindubai.com or via our 24/7 Bus Rentals Help Line







  • What factors influence bus rental rates in Dubai?
    Bus rental rates in Dubai can be influenced by various factors such as the type of bus required, the number of passengers, the distance of the journey, the duration of the rental, and the time of year. The type of bus required can range from standard to luxury coaches, with rates varying accordingly.


  • What is the typical hourly rate for bus rental in Dubai?
    The hourly rate for bus rental in Dubai can vary depending on the type of bus required, with standard coaches starting from around AED 100 per hour & minimum of 5 hours, and luxury coaches costing upwards of AED 200 per hour. However, rates can vary greatly depending on the above-mentioned factors.


  • Is there a minimum rental period for bus rental in Dubai?
    Yes, there is usually a minimum rental period for bus rental in Dubai, with most rental companies requiring a minimum rental period of four to six hours. Some companies may have different minimum rental periods, so it’s important to check with the rental company directly.


  • Are there additional charges for extra mileage or fuel costs?
    Some rental companies may charge extra for additional mileage or fuel costs, while others may include these costs in the overall rental rate. It’s important to clarify this with the rental company beforehand to avoid any unexpected additional charges.


  • Are there any additional fees or taxes to be aware of?
    Yes, there may be additional fees or taxes to be aware of when renting a bus in Dubai. These could include parking fees, tolls, and additional driver fees. Additionally, there may be VAT or other taxes added to the rental rate, depending on the rental company’s policies.


  • what is the most important thing about- bus rental in Dubai?
    The most important thing is the price. Other things may be important, but you want to ensure that you’re getting a fair rate from your Dubai bus rental company. However, if you are only looking for cheap bus rental in dubai rates and not going with quality, it’s possible that you might run into trouble down the road with your transportation needs. Cheap Buses for rent in Dubai and safe should always go hand in hand, but that is not always the reality.



  • How much does it cost to rent a bus in Dubai?
    The cost of renting a bus in Dubai depends on the size of the bus, the duration of the rental period, and the number of passengers. Generally, the cost ranges from AED 700 to AED 1,500 per 10 hours.


  • What types of buses are available for rent in Dubai?
    There are a variety of buses available for rent in Dubai, including luxury coaches, minibusses, and shuttle bus vans.


  • Do I need a special license to drive a rented bus in Dubai?
    Yes, you will need to have a valid light and heavy Bus UAE driver’s license numbers 5 and 6 to drive a rented bus in Dubai.


  • Are there any restrictions on the number of passengers that can travel in a rented bus in Dubai?
    Yes, the maximum number of passengers allowed to travel in a rented bus in Dubai is determined by the size of the bus.


  • Is a security deposit required for renting a bus in Dubai?
    Yes, a 30% security deposit is usually required when renting a bus in Dubai. The amount of the deposit is determined by the number of days and type of bus.


  • What is the charter bus-Coach Rental?
    A charter bus is a large coach that a company hires to carry a number of passengers to a location based on the needs of the customer or hirer.


  • Which types bus are available for rental in dubai?
    Charters buses, school buses, minibusses, shuttle buses, limos, a van with Drivers,s and party buses are just a few of the several vehicles various types that can be rented.


  • how much does it cost to charter a bus in Dubai?
    Depending on the type of bus you want to rent and how long you want to rent it for, the cost to rent a bus in Dubai varies.


  • Is a specific license required to drive a rental bus?
    To operate a hired bus in Dubai, you must indeed require a specific Bus license.


  • What amenities come included on hired buses?
    Depending on the model of bus you rent, different amenities are offered. Air conditioning, reclining seats, toilets, and entertainment systems are a few of the standard facilities.


  • How do I reserve a bus in Dubai?
    By getting in touch with one of the several businesses that provide these services, such as www.busrentindubai.com or Fajr, you can reserve a bus rental. To choose which one best meets your needs, you can also visit the fleet pages on our website.


  • How far ahead should I order a bus hire in Dubai?
    It is advised that you make your bus rental reservations at least two weeks beforehand.



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