Our Fleet

Private car Group 3-5 Pax

Daily: AED 400-850
AED 4900/12000
Driver & fuel included

Minivan 9-13-Pax
Daily: 350-850

AED 4900/ 7500
Driver & fuel included

Mini Coach 16-30Pax
Daily: 450-950

AED 6300/15000
Driver & fuel included

Coaster Bus Group 14-20 Pax
Daily: AED 500-1100

AED 6300/9500
Driver & fuel included

Tourist Bus 35-50 Pax
Daily: 650-1400

AED 8400/ 19000
Driver & fuel included

M-C Sprinter12-18 Pax
Weekly/ Monthly: 

AED 14000/40000
Driver & Fuel included

Our Services


Corporate transportation of teaching, hospital, bank, security, office staff and labor workers



City tour trips become easy with our rental service! We will show best places and give you useful tips



Airport transfer service from all the main airports: Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah



We have a big fleet of busses available for students transfer in different cities!


Our Tours

Our Advantages

Quality and Comfort

We provide high level services to our clients. Customers' comfort and safety are the most important for us!


Our priority is to provide friendly and professional drivers together with vehicles. Just sit, relax and enjoy your ride!

Affordable prices

Our bus rental provides you all of the services on 20% cheaper in comparison with other rentals across Dubai.


We provide all our services 24/7 for our regular customers. You can contact us anytime, if you have a question.



Staff & Corporate Transportation Service In Dubai

Tired of driver salaries and car maintenance? With our personnel staff  transportation service, there is no more hassle. Other benefits are: Low cost, safe vehicle. We are committed to providing safe, efficient and “on time” personal Staff transportation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other major cities in the United Arab Emirates. 
We strive to provide comfortable personal transportation services at the lowest possible cost.Our employees are committed to ensuring that all your transportation needs are met in every way. Whether you need a quick move to the airport, need help with your employees’ move, or want to take a group of friends somewhere, we can serve you on time.



Bus Rental Companies in Dubai

Bus rental is an ultimate choice for comfortable trips in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can simply rent a bus for your company trip or tour planned with your colleagues, friends or relatives. Our bus rental companies in Dubai offer low-price bus hire services


Our experienced management team and professional drivers will guarantee a great trip for our customers. Our vehicle types vary from luxury Limousine, Mercedes, Toyota Hiace, Honda Odyssey, Mitsubishi Rosa 34 seater, Coaster 30 Seater or Nissan Civilian Bus or 33, 35 50 Seater luxury buses. You are going to find the perfect vehicle to suit your requirements either its the transfer of few members or up to 100. We will be able to provide you with the most competitive quote around so please do not hesitate if you have any questions or inquiries.




Corporate transportation services Dubai

FAJR Passenger Transport Rental is known as the leading rental bus company and passenger transport provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, UAE. The company is known for its top-class Bus transportation services in Sharjah. We are well known to our clients for providing excellent buses/Minivans/Coaches with drivers & conductors to various industries like Schools, universities, factories, industrial areas, and labor camps.

Our exclusive charter bus rentals and luxury shuttle services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, UAE have been providing the finest transportation for businesses and leisure. FAJR Passenger Transportation has earned a reputation for hiring new and pre-owned vehicles and providing prompt transport from the Airport to anywhere in Dubai. Luxury coaches provide safe corporate transportation services all over UAE for many of the top businesses and individuals.




Private Transportation Services in Dubai

Our Corporate Transportation services are intended to suit your requirements completely. A wide array of buses and vehicles make us the perfect partner for all your corporate bus hire needs. We are one of the few companies in Dubai, UAE that offer corporate transportation solutions with a wide range of buses for hire.

RR Bus Rental & staff transportation vehicles cover a range of people carriers, buses, coaches and a range of shuttle vans and minibusses. These people carriers and vans can be used for many different occasions, event transport, employee transport, group outings or to travel with a large group of friends.




Private Bus Service from Sharjah to Dubai

WHAT WE OFFER TRANSPORTATION SERVICE In addition to the top notch chauffeur and hospitality staff, we always provide our clients with latest model vehicles for staff transportation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our maintenance department dedicated to keeping the transportation vehicles for hire in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah clean and well maintained on a daily basis.


Whether you are looking for vans or sedan cars; we’ve got it all covered. You can also get shuttle buses, vans and even air-conditioner coaches or buses to take care of larger groups, who will be traveling together. We maintain all our vehicles in the best condition so that you have a comfortable and smooth journey everywhere you go.


We offer such types of transport for rent: Toyota Hiace rental, 30 seater Coaster rental, 34 seater Mitsubishi rosa bus rent minibus rental with driver minivan with driver rentals, school buses rentals bus, rent a limousine 33 50 seats  higer bus rentals 33 50 seats king long  yutong bus rentals 33 50 seats  foton bus rentals

and personal cars. Additionally, we provide rent transport services 24 hours per day/7 days per week. Just contact us, if you have any questions!





Corporate & Worker Staff Transportation in Dubai

We at FAJR Bus Rental Dubai introduce our staff and collaborators and also provide transportation services for company crew and passengers in Dubai.

Our transportation services are state-of-the-art and customer-friendly. We also offer short-term or long-term rental buses.
Bus Rental Dubai transrоrt comраny is renowned for its best employee transportation service and customer care with excellent response rate for a long time in this business. You can easily trust us when it comes to better employee transportation services in Dubai.




Dubai’s Premier Worker and Staff Transportation Solutions

Welcome to our comprehensive range of transportation services tailored to meet the diverse needs of workers, staff, and personnel across Dubai and the UAE. Our commitment to excellence, comfort, and reliability sets us apart as the go-to choice for seamless transportation.


Our expansive fleet encompasses an array of luxury and economical coaches, buses, and vans. With capacities ranging from 7 to 65 seats, we’re equipped to cater to various group sizes while ensuring everyone’s comfort and convenience.


Whether it’s facilitating the smooth commute of college students, school attendees, office teams, media professionals, or the hardworking staff of hotels and hospitals, our services cover a broad spectrum. We excel in offering office staff transport, ensuring efficient company staff transportation, providing hassle-free carlift services, managing staff pick-ups and drop-offs, and offering a streamlined Sharjah-to-Dubai transportation route.


Acknowledging the pivotal role of the construction industry, our transportation services extend to construction workers and contracting companies. We take pride in being a vital link in ensuring these crucial workforce segments reach their destinations promptly and safely.


Our diverse fleet includes a wide range of vehicles to address various needs. From air-conditioned to non-air-conditioned buses, our offerings cater to the unique demands of worker and labor transport. Starting with 7-seat vans, our fleet expands to accommodate 12, 15, 20, 24, 30, 33, 34, 45, 50, 60, and 83-seater buses, among other options. This variety enables us to match the perfect vehicle to your requirements.


Behind the wheel, our skilled drivers epitomize professionalism and familiarity with the intricate road networks of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the UAE at large. Their comprehensive knowledge is complemented by adherence to RTA driving rules, ensuring a secure and comfortable journey for all passengers.


Your safety and satisfaction are paramount to us. Every vehicle we deploy is meticulously insured, guaranteeing your peace of mind throughout your journey. Our commitment to quality extends to the use of brand-new vehicles, offering a pristine environment for your travel needs.


While disruptions are rare, we’re prepared to swiftly address any unexpected breakdowns. Our rapid replacement service ensures that you’ll be back on the road in a vehicle of comparable capacity without delay.


Choose us for a transportation experience that seamlessly combines comfort, reliability, and excellence, providing you and your fellow travelers with nothing less than the best.





Stаff Trаnsроrtаtiоn Serviсes Companies 



FAJR Bus Rental Dubai: Your Trusted Partner for Staff and Crew Transportation

At FAJR Bus Rental Dubai, we proudly stand as one of the most reliable companies in the field of staff transportation. With our extensive experience, we have been catering to the needs of various organizations for a considerable period.


Our transportation services extend to a diverse range of groups, including visitors, small and large groups, friends, family members, and professionals. Whether it’s holiday trips, special events, business ventures, or catering to the needs of hotel staff, security personnel, and relocation purposes, we ensure seamless transportation solutions.


Our dedicated and friendly staff, coupled with a multitude of transportation options, positions us as a professional and dependable transportation company in Dubai.


While our services have a global reach, we’re not just limited to Dubai. We provide cargo services worldwide, offering you cost-effective options for pick-up and drop-off services. Our growth is rooted in instant response, safe journeys, delighted customers, and high-quality service.


These achievements are a result of our steadfast policies. Our drivers boast ample experience in staff transportation, including crew transport, employee transportation, and services related to the 2020 EXPO in Dubai. This extends to staff transportation companies in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.


Our involvement isn’t confined to a single sector. We serve hospital staff, hotel staff, relocation companies, tour operators, and several high schools, ensuring their transportation needs are met over an extended period.


Our inventory boasts a wide variety of vehicles, including mini buses, vans, luxury bus rentals, luxury coach rentals, shuttle services, and an assortment of affordable rental buses, vans, and land cruisers.


For those seeking top-notch staff transportation services in Dubai, clients from around the world can confidently reach out to us.


We operate as a professional private transport company and establish agreements with various institutions to provide rental staff transportation vehicles as per mutually agreed schedules.


To ensure service reliability, our drivers and buses are dedicated to their roles. Moreover, we provide social, funeral, and excursion services.


Managed by a group of professionals since its inception, we’ve consistently offered smooth, professional, and reliable transportation services to large-scale organizations.


This article provides a comprehensive overview of our services, driver profiles, scope of work, service charges, and our offerings in cheap staff transportation in Dubai.


The immense trust we’ve earned from large companies utilizing our transportation services for their staff is remarkable, and so is their response rate.


We offer our cars with drivers and fuel services on a single-day basis, as well as through daily, weekly, monthly, and annual rental options. Rest assured, our licensed and reliable drivers are at your service.






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