Our Fleet

Private car Group 3-5 Pax

Daily: AED 400-850
AED 4900/12000
Driver & fuel included

Minivan 9-13-Pax
Daily: 350-850

AED 4900/ 7500
Driver & fuel included

Mini Coach 16-30Pax
Daily: 450-950

AED 6300/15000
Driver & fuel included

Coaster Bus Group 14-20 Pax
Daily: AED 500-1100

AED 6300/9500
Driver & fuel included

Tourist Bus 35-50 Pax
Daily: 650-1400

AED 8400/ 19000
Driver & fuel included

M-C Sprinter12-18 Pax
Weekly/ Monthly: 

AED 14000/40000
Driver & Fuel included

Our Services


Corporate transportation of teaching, hospital, bank, security, office staff and labor workers



City tour trips become easy with our rental service! We will show best places and give you useful tips



Airport transfer service from all the main airports: Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah



We have a big fleet of busses available for students transfer in different cities!


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Our Advantages

Quality and Comfort

We provide high level services to our clients. Customers' comfort and safety are the most important for us!


Our priority is to provide friendly and professional drivers together with vehicles. Just sit, relax and enjoy your ride!

Affordable prices

Our bus rental provides you all of the services on 20% cheaper in comparison with other rentals across Dubai.


We provide all our services 24/7 for our regular customers. You can contact us anytime, if you have a question.



how much it would cost to rent a 7 seater car in Dubai?

The cost of renting a 7-seater car in Dubai can vary depending on how long you need it and where you pick it up and drop it off. AED 700 to AED 850 per day is an average price range, but the length of time you need the car will also affect the price. The package includes Driver and Fuel for a 10-hour rental period.





With our 7-seater Car Rental, you can be more flexible about your traveling needs with space for 6+1 passengers. Our 7 seater taxi cars are the best choice for small families traveling in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with family members. Add side luggage space for your luggage and valuables.


We provide taxi cars, buses, and limousines for weddings, tours, and travel purposes. We have a wide range of cars from popular brands like Toyota sienna, toyota previa, and Honda odyssey to kia carnival and Hyundai H1,  mercedes benz viano, etc. Our fleet of vehicles is always up-to-date with new models so that you can choose your dream car for your special occasions. Hiace minivan with Driver on rent from Dubai to all Emirates of UAE and vice versa.

We provide our customers with a wide range of different kinds of vehicles from Toyota Hiace to 7-seaters mini busses to serve you best so that you enjoy your trip and reach at destination safely with family, friends, and colleagues.


Simple Rates Diagram


Monthly Rent AED 7500-12000 26-days
Daily Rate AED 850/550 – 10/5 Hours Per day
Airport Transfers AED 400 included Airport Parking
Weekly Rent AED 4200 Per week 6-days
Hourly Rent AED 110- Minimum 5 hours
Type Of Seat 4-Luggage/ 1 Driver Seat /  Total number of Seats 7 Tourist Van
The usage Airport Transfer, Tourist Transportation, Staff Pick and Drop, Hotel, Parties Shuttle, Events Charter, Sight-seeing, Group of passengers outing,  Friends & Family Trips






The Benefits of 7-Seater Car Rental

Dubai, a city known for its modern architecture, vibrant culture, and bustling streets, is a destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, having the right mode of transportation can significantly enhance your experience. Enter the convenience of 7-seater car rental in Dubai, a solution that provides flexibility, comfort, and practicality for exploring this dynamic city.

Ample Space for Everyone:

One of the primary advantages of opting for a 7-seater car rental in Dubai is the ample space it provides. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or colleagues, these vehicles offer enough seating and storage capacity to accommodate everyone comfortably. No need to worry about fitting in luggage, shopping bags, or any other essentials – everything can be accommodated effortlessly.

Group Adventures Made Easy:

Dubai’s attractions are spread across the city, from the towering Burj Khalifa to the iconic Palm Jumeirah. With a 7-seater rental car, you can embark on group adventures without the hassle of coordinating multiple vehicles. This means your group can explore Dubai’s highlights together, maximizing quality time and shared experiences.

Flexibility in Itinerary:

Dubai’s charm lies in its diverse offerings, from pristine beaches to bustling markets. Renting a 7-seater car gives you the freedom to create a personalized itinerary, allowing you to explore the city’s various attractions at your own pace. Whether you’re hopping between shopping districts or experiencing the local cuisine, having a rental car empowers you to follow your interests.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Contrary to common belief, 7-seater car rental in Dubai can prove to be a cost-effective option, especially for groups. Splitting the rental cost among passengers can be more affordable than arranging separate transportation methods. Additionally, you’ll save on the expenses associated with public transportation or frequent taxi rides.

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

Dubai’s road network is well-designed and easily navigable. Having a rental car at your disposal allows you to conveniently access both popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations. You won’t need to worry about schedules, stops, or sharing space with strangers – you’re in control of your journey.

Comfortable Travel Experience:

Dubai’s climate can be warm, especially during the summer months. Renting a 7-seater car equipped with air conditioning ensures a comfortable travel experience for everyone on board. You’ll stay refreshed and relaxed as you move from one adventure to another.


At Roya Rider Bus Rental Dubai Exploring Dubai’s wonders is made all the more enjoyable with the convenience of a 7 seater car rental. From group trips to family outings, these vehicles offer space, flexibility, and comfort for an unforgettable journey. Whether you’re exploring iconic landmarks or discovering hidden gems, the versatility of a rental car in Dubai allows you to create your own unique travel story in this captivating city.



Details Rates Diagram| Of 4-passenger Car

AED 400/ 114$



Arrival One-way Transfer / included Airport Parking & Driver fuel salik                

AED 350 / 100$



Departures  One-way Transfer

Hotel To Airport Transfer// included Driver fuel salik              

AED 450 / 128$



5 hours  per Day / City Tour

Within City Only // included Driver fuel salik                

AED 700 / 185$



10 hours  per Day / City Tour

Within City Only/ included Driver fuel salik                             

AED 850 / $-215$



10 hours  per Day / City Tour

Out of Town Dubai to Abu dhabi

/ included Driver fuel salik           

AED 70 / 20$



Additional Per Hour Charges

Extra Hours Each                             

AED 4400 / 1257$



Weekly  Rental/ 10 hours  Daily / City Tour Within City Only/ included Driver fuel salik              

AED 7500 / 2142$



Monthly  Rental/ 2-way Transfer  Daily / 6-days a week

5000KM /Not  included fuel salik

AED 02 / 0.60$



Per Kilometer

More Than 5000km on monthly basis Each KM charges                  





Features of the 7 seater Car in Dubai

Type of Cars
6 & 7 Seater Cars
Used for
Privet car Hire with Driver, Tourism, Tourist City Tour Dubai, wedding Party car Event Transportation, Hotel Transfer dubai Abu Dhabi, Sight-seeing sharjah & Dubai Airport Transfer  in UAE are some of the most demanded services offered by FAJR bus rental dubai
Brands and Made
JAPAN –  toyota sienna, toyota previa and Honda odyssey to kia carnival and Hyundai H1,  mercedes benz viano etc
Capacity of Car
6 seater / 7 Seater/ 9 Seat /and 10 Seats Cars
provisional chauffeur drivers, very Clean from out and Inside  Van Spacious inside , compatible clean seats , seats belts , Microphone , FM radio, AUX
luggage capacity space
4 Normal bags with 4 Passengers
Type of Fuel      
1800 cc petrol engine
Numbers of Doors            
Two front doors/ 2 Auto-Passenger’s Door- total numbers of doors are 4




We offer affordable car rental services in dubai, abu dhabi, ajman and sharjah. We are licensed by the law to provide you with 7 Seaters cars for daily, weekly and monthly rent. The service starts from Dhs 50 per Hour , including unlimited mileage. You can choose from category of vehicles like Mini Vans (7 Passenger) & Sedan cars. Our price includes all insurances like comprehensive insurance and third party liability insurance.

We offer a varied selection of vehicles from Economy cars to Luxury, family friendly, 7 Seaters and high end Privet Cars. The fleet is kept in the best condition and fully serviced on a daily basis to ensure that our high standards are met. Our customers have access to more than 70 different makes of vehicles to choose from including 4×4’s and 6×6 Buses with full option packages available on request.


Rent a 7 seater car with driver – private car hire dubai. your holidays or city tours will be more comfortable and enjoyable than ever. A 7 seater car is ideal for small families or group trips. It can be used as a taxi to the airport, in this case without a driver. The 7 seater car rental Privet Taxi combines luxury, comfort and safety.

Renting a car from us is simple, safe and secure with our various methods of payment. We are pleased to be associated with many insurance companies who offer a variety of coverages and discounts for our customers. Our fully equipped 7 seater rent a cars are ideal for small families or group trips.

Our 7 seats car rental is ideal for travelling with a family or Friends . The spacious rear can accommodate 2-3 people comfortably and the extra seat in the middle makes it more suitable for longer trips. Our chauffeur will be more than happy to assist you with your luggage and drive you safely to your destination.

Type Of our 7, 9, 10, 12, 13,14-15 Seater Mini bus & van services

  • 9 seater minivan Dubai
  • 7 Seats Rented Mini bus in UAE
  • 7 passenger car hire with Drivers
  • 7seater van for rent in Dubai with driverinside-7-seater-Car-Rental-dubai
  • 7 seater van rental dubai
  • 6 seater van rental Abu Dhabi
  • 7 seater car rental dubai
  • 10 Passengers van rental Abu Dhabi
  • 7 people – Mini van rental dubai airport
  • 9 seater van rental dubai
  • 7 seats taxi car for rent

We offer a 7 seater Van rental with drivers in and around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The larger the group, the cheaper per head it gets. Our standard car seat 6 persons, but we can provide you with a 7-seater if this is your requirement. We have a medium size luggage van which can accommodate up to 7 passengers. If your group is larger than 7 persons or if your luggage takes up more than 4 medium size bags, we recommend hiring Mini size vehicles.

Rent a car with Driver offers the cheapest rates on all sizes of Vans in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We offer medium, large and extra large vans for different travel needs. If you are looking to travel in style our drivers will take care of you and drive you in luxury. Renting a luxury car with driver is the best way to explore the sights of Dubai. Although, our standard Van can seat 6 people comfortably we recommend hiring mini sized van for 3 – 5 person travel and medium van for 6 – 8 persons travel.

Why Choose RR Bus Rental Dubai for car Hire?

RR Bus Rental Dubai is a professional car rental company in dubai, Uae. We offer different kinds of cars such as luxury class cars, family cars, MINI, passenger vans, SUVs and buses at the most competitive rates. You can select your desired car online and you can pay by cash or credit card upon pick up.

RR Bus Rental Dubai has a fleet of cars and vans for rent that are more than just a vehicle for you to get from one place to another; they are an extension to your business. RR Bus Rental services the entire United Arab Emirates so that no matter where your business takes you, we can provide the right kind of car to get you there. For more info contact us 24/7 Whatsapp +971565200842 



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