how much are mini bus rentals


The right vehicle is all about making your trip a relaxing one. That’s why our mini bus rentals service works to match your transportation demands with the right coach for you. Whether it’s a quick trip to the airport or a weekend excursion, we’ve got you covered with minibuses that are safe, reliable, and affordable.


Mini Bus Rental Prices | 13 upto 15 Pax with luggages 


Monthly AED 14000 Staff pick and drop 26-days a month
Weekly  AED 5600 per day 10-hours city tour of 7 days
Hourly  AED 150 Minimum 5-hours
Arrivals AED 735 DXB to Dubai Hotel one-way Transfer
Departues  AED 500 Dubai hotel to DXB one-way Transfer
Half Day AED 700 for 5-hours within Town
Daily Rent AED 900 – 1050 For 10-hours within town and out of town


Which Pricing Method is the Best for Hiring a Mini Bus Rental?

When you want to reserve a shuttle for a sporting event, concert or some other gathering, it can be tough to know how many people you’ll be fitting into your space. Especially if you need equipment like the extra-roomy luggage compartments, extra windows and DVD players to keep everyone entertained. With so many options, finding the right bus rental that fits your needs is easy.


What Is The Average Cost Of A Mini Bus Rental In Dubai?

Minibus rentals can vary widely in price depending on a number of factors. In general, minibuses with higher capacities and more amenities cost more. Typically, the run-of-the-mill minibus is priced between AED 80 to 150-Dhs per hour and can reach around Durhams 1,000 per day. Add in the cost of fuel, mileage Driver, and other Airport Parking fees and you’ll find that some types of buses are more expensive to rent than others.


How Much Are Minibus Rental, Per Hour, Per Day, Or Per Mile

Before booking a minibus, there are a few factors that you should take into account in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable trip. For example, private buses are much more expensive than shuttle buses and taxis and can be more efficient when travelling with a large group. If you want to explore the city and keep your travel costs low, hiring a minibus may not be the best choice since they are generally priced higher than taxis.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a rental payment plan. How long will you have the vehicle? Peak season or off-season? Are there any features that you would like to have included? Depending on the answers to these questions, you may find one more suitable than the other.




Things You Need To Know About Mini Bus Rental Dubai

There are many factors that may impact the price of a mini bus rental. Distance traveled, time of year, starting location, destination, and how long you’ll need the bus will all affect your total rental cost. If you need to reserve a mini bus in the next day or two, check out Royal Rider Passenger Transportation company,

What does it cost to rent a minibus?

A lot depends on how you’ve chosen to rent the vehicle. For example, if you’re planning a trip of 40 miles, and need a bus for 12 hours, your total cost will be different if you’re renting by the hour than if you’re paying per day. To get started, we recommend entering in at least two cities on our quote form. This way, we can get an idea of what size rental best suits your needs. If you have any other questions about how much our buses cost in general,



FAQs about Mini Bus Rental Cost in Dubai:


What factors determine the cost of mini bus rentals in Dubai?

The cost of mini bus rentals in Dubai depends on factors such as the duration of the rental, the size and type of mini bus, additional amenities or services required, and the time of year.

What is the average cost of renting a mini bus in Dubai?

The average cost of renting a mini bus in Dubai can vary depending on the factors mentioned earlier. Generally, you can expect the cost to range from AED 500 to AED 1100 per day for a standard 10-20 seater mini bus.

Are there any additional charges to consider apart from the daily rental rate?

Yes, additional charges may apply, including additional (Extra) Hour rates for city tour, For Staff Transportation: Fuel costs, driver’s fees, tolls, parking fees, and any applicable taxes. Make sure to inquire about all potential extra costs when booking a mini bus rental.

Is the rental cost affected by the duration of the rental period?

Yes, the longer the rental period, the more favorable the daily rate is likely to be. Mini bus rental companies often offer discounts for extended rental durations, such as weekly or monthly rentals.

Are there different types of mini buses available, and do they have varying rental costs?

Yes, there are different types of mini buses, ranging from basic models to luxurious ones with additional amenities. The type and features of the mini bus will impact the rental cost, with more amenities usually resulting in a higher price.

Does the time of year affect mini bus rental prices in Dubai?

Yes, like many tourist destinations, Dubai experiences fluctuations in rental prices based on peak and off-peak seasons. During busy tourist seasons or special events, the demand for mini bus rentals may increase, affecting the prices.

Can I negotiate the rental cost with mini bus rental companies?

While some flexibility might be possible, mini bus rental costs are generally fixed based on standard rates and the factors mentioned earlier. However, it’s worth inquiring with different rental companies to find the best deal for your specific needs.


Please note that the information provided here is based on general knowledge up to September 2023, and rental prices may have changed since then. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s advisable to contact directly  Royal Rider mini bus rental Dubai. give us a call at (+971-55-451-9169