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We Offer’s  Bus Hire Abu Dhabi and  Rented Buses Dubai with a wide array of bus hire services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai w eprovides a great, fast and reliable service. With a 24 hour customer service team at your disposal, you can feel assured that we will be here to answer any queries that you may have.

Why choose us as your Bus Hire Abu Dhabi provider? We offer the latest models of buses for hire at competitive prices with affordable rates. We provide high-quality Bus Hire services for all our clients so as to meet the needs of his customers.



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We are a door-to-door service operated by Rented Bus Dubai to provide you with the best, most comfortable bus transportation experience in the country. We ensure that you are provided with prompt assistance at all times, whether you want to book our services

Rented Bus Dubai offers the finest bus hire services in Abu Dhabi. Reserved Bus Dubai provide our clients with high-quality luxury bus hire services to ensure they are delivered an exceptional customer service.


Our Bus Hire Service in Abu dhabi

  1. Safe and Comfortable buses
  2. Low cost Bus hire abu dhabi Rates
  3. Private Transfer from Abu dhabi to Dubai Airport

Why you should hire a bus from us

Safe and Comfortable 12 Seaters-14 Seaters-15 Seaters Minivans -Private Transfer from Dubai Airport to Abu Dhabi Airport UAE # 1 for short distance travels : For short distances, we use 12-14 seats Hiace or 15 seats Hiace Minivans or Toyota Commuter