55 Seater Coach Rental Dubai


55 Seater Coach Rental Dubai for Dubai Sightseeing Tours

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55 Seater Coach Hire Dubai , Luxury Buses For Dubai Tours

Whether you're looking to move an entire stadium, or simply want to transport a few hundred of your closest friends, we've got you covered. We bring you the most luxurious 55-seater coach rental in dubai, available at highly competitive rates and can be booked in minutes. Our fleet of 55 seater luxury coaches varies in size, engine power, and model – so there's something to suit everyone's taste and budget. Its spacious interiors can fit luggage on board, which makes it the ideal option for group trips or family outings.



Dubai day tours package on 55 seater coach

Get on rent 55 seater tour buses dubai. Our company gives a vast array of the latest edition of luxury 55 seater tour buses rental in dubai. If you are running a business or are planning to visit any tourist place or event, then hiring our bus will be the perfect idea for you. Unlike others, we provide ultimate amenities at affordable prices to create an excellent experience for tourists. So make a call now and get your quotation! +971 55 451 9169 




  • How much does it cost to rent a 55 seater bus in Dubai?
    The cost of renting a 55 seater bus in Dubai varies depending on factors such as the duration of the rental, the distance to be covered, and the level of luxury desired. Generally, the cost can range from AED 900 to AED 1800 per day 10 hours.


  • What is included in the rental fee for a 55 seater bus in Dubai?
    The rental fee for a 55 seater bus in Dubai typically includes the cost of the bus, a professional driver, fuel, and any applicable taxes. Additional costs may be incurred for services such as tour guides or insurance, depending on the rental company and the terms of the agreement.


  • Can I rent a 55 seater bus for a one-way trip in Dubai?
    Yes, many rental companies offer one-way rentals for their 55 seater buses in Dubai. However, this may incur additional fees, so it is important to clarify the terms of the rental agreement before booking.


  • Are there any age restrictions for renting a 55 seater bus in Dubai?
    Yes, to rent a 55 seater bus in Dubai, the driver must be at least 25 years old and have a valid UAE driving license. Some rental companies may also require additional documentation or certifications, depending on the type of rental and the level of luxury desired.


  • What safety measures are in place on 55 seater buses in Dubai?
    Safety is a top priority for rental companies in Dubai, and 55 seater buses are equipped with a range of safety features, including seat belts, airbags, and GPS tracking. Drivers are also trained to follow all local traffic laws and safety regulations, and some companies may offer additional safety services such as onboard medical assistance or emergency response teams.